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Pediatric Dentistry

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New Patients

When you enter our office for the first time, you and your child will see right away that this is a special place designed for kids. Young children have an enclosed playroom with a train set, toys and current movies playing at all times. A video game area is available for older patients, and parents have a quiet area where they can relax, read or watch TV.

If you are here for a check-up, our staff will greet you and show your child where to choose a new toothbrush while offering selection of flavors and a choice of movies to watch. Using “show-tell-do” techniques, we will guide your child through their visit in a casual, friendly manner.

If you are here for a consultation and/or treatment, your child will also be given choices for movies and sunglasses, and procedures will be explained in a way that is tailored to their level of understanding. We do not use the words “needle” or “shots”; we explain what their experience will be using non-threatening words and we talk to them the whole time to alleviate anxiety.

What is unique about our office is that we allow parents to join their children during their visits with Dr. Loiben. We ask that you be a passive observer while we actively engage your child. If a patient is displaying behavior that prevents their treatment, we ask your cooperation in allowing us to use proven techniques, depending upon their age, to guide their behavior. By trusting our expertise, you can help us give your child a pleasant, safe and positive visit.

Each visit ends with a trip to our well-stocked toy drawer plus a sticker on your way out. These small touches have always received priority in our practice as a way of reinforcing a positive experience for you and your child.

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Scheduling an Appointment

Children under 5 years of age are seen in the morning. This is when they are the most rested and likely to cooperate and enjoy their visit. The right timing is especially important in creating a positive first experience.

Fillings, extractions, etc. are performed in the morning (or early afternoon for older children only). Again, this is for the benefit of your child in order to help them feel relaxed. You are also more likely to get in sooner during these times.

Appointments after 2:30pm are reserved for after-school check-ups, and tend to fill well in advance.

Saturdays are reserved for established patient check-ups, and also fill well in advance. We encourage you to bring your child during the week if at all possible so that on Saturdays we may accommodate our many parents who work full time and are unable to come on weekdays.

WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT SIX-MONTH CHECK-UP AT THE TIME OF YOUR VISIT. This is especially important if you have multiple children and/or prefer after school, Saturday or holiday appointments. You will receive reminder e-mails or texts as a courtesy, but these appointments fill many months in advance so please don’t wait.

If you find that you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, we ask that you notify our office at least 48 hours in advance so that this time may be offered to other patients. Please understand that when rescheduling, popular appointment times may no longer be available so your flexibility will allow us to get you in more promptly.