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General Anesthesia (Asleep)

Some pediatric dentists rely on drugs to sedate patients in order to perform dental procedures. Dr. Loiben is unique in that he uses no drugs other than local anesthetic (novocaine).

In rare cases, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is requested to calm an anxious child. Nitrous oxide is never to be used on extremely anxious patients; this only serves to increase their apprehension. Its use requires a nasal mask with tubing that restrains the child’s head onto the headrest. This removes the child’s sense of freedom and control, preventing them from sitting up to even take a drink of water. Nitrous oxide does not eliminate the need for an injection. Novocaine is still required to numb the treatment area. Some children become nauseous from nitrous oxide as well.

Other methods of sedation used by some pediatric dentists include oral drugs and injectable drugs. These require extensive monitoring by the dentist and many times have unpredictable results.

Sometimes due to a child’s age, inability to cooperate for their treatment with local anesthetic and/or various health issues, general anesthesia is offered. Dr. Loiben works closely with “Anesthesia 2 Go” a group of board certified anesthesiologists (physicians) who come to our office so that comprehensive treatment can be completed in one visit while your child is asleep. Your child has no memory of the procedure or administration of the anesthesia. A clear mask is placed on your child’s nose and he or she falls asleep in less than 30 seconds. Dr. Loiben’s complete attention is given to your child while the anesthesiologist administers and monitors the anesthesia.

Our schedule is blocked out during this time so that we may provide this special service to your child with Dr. Loiben’s uninterrupted attention. Your child is the sole focus of Dr. Loiben and his dental assistant as well as the anesthesiologist and his registered nurse.

At no time while under general anesthesia will your child be unattended. A complete surgical suite is set up in our office including the same emergency equipment and medications as are used in a hospital. You have the advantage of an operating room setting without the added expense and impersonal atmosphere of a hospital. You and your child are in the comfortable and familiar setting of our office.

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