When you enter our office for the first time, you and your child will see right away that this is a child friendly environment and a special place designed for kids. If you are here for a check-up, our receptionists will greet you and show your child where to play until it is their turn to choose a new toothbrush and toothpaste flavors that they like. Using “show-tell-do” techniques, we will guide your child through their first visit in a casual, friendly manner.

After their teeth are cleaned and any questions have been answered, younger patients choose a prize from our toy drawer and a sticker while you check out and schedule their six-month check-up.

If you are here for a consultation and/or a dental procedure, your child will also be given choices for movies and sunglasses, and any procedure will be explained in a way that is tailored to their level of understanding. We do not use the words “needle” or “shot”; we explain what your child’s experience will be using nonthreatening words, and we talk to them the whole time to alleviate anxiety.

Please do not convey your own dental apprehensions or experiences to your child! Parents often try to “prepare” their child with all good intentions, which usually results in increased anxiety and negative expectations. We want all visits from our office to be positive experience for both you and your child. Please allow Dr. Loiben and our team to handle all explanations; we do this every day with great results. If your child is questioning you, just tell them that Dr. Ted will tell them everything.

For your convenience, below are links to two forms you can fill out in advance and present upon your first visit.

Download our new patient forms by clicking here: New Patient Forms